Mālama Wao Akua 2017

Celebrating its 13th year!
Mālama Wao Akua (Realm of the Gods) is a juried art exhibition celebrating native species of Maui Nui
September 15th-November 7th

The East Maui Watershed Partnership (EMWP) is proud to announce it’s 13th annual juried art exhibition at Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center. The focus of the show is to raise awareness about native species on Maui Nui. By offering several educational opportunities in conjunction with the show we hope that artists, young and old, of Maui Nui can explore our watersheds and express the value these species have within our daily life.

  • The show is open to all residents of Maui Nui (Maui, Lanaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Molokaiʻi).
  • Original artwork only. All works must be original, one of a kind (no prints or giclèes), and not previously shown in an exhibition or on a website and created within the last 2 years.
  • All art mediums are accepted.
  • All ages (K-Adult) can enter.
  • All abilities (amateurs and professionals) are welcome to enter.
  • Subject must be native to Maui Nui.

Important Dates:

Exhibition Dates: September 15th-November 7th
Opening Reception: September 15th 5-8pm
Juror’s Walk-Through: Friday, September 15th at 4pm
Info Session on Entering: TBA
Receiving Day: Wednesday, August 30th 9am-6pm (Hui Solarium)
Selection Notification(via website): by Friday, September 1st by 4pm
Pick-up of Non-selected work: Saturday, September 2nd, 9am-4pm
Pick-up of Selected work: Wednesday, November 8th, 9am-4pm



The main subject of your piece(s) must be either a landscape featuring Mui Nui native species or of a Maui Nui native species. Subjects may also include people working to protect Maui’s native species and native habitats. Native coral reef species, waterscapes, streams and estuaries are eligible too. Subjects from beyond the reef, including deep ocean, WILL NOT be accepted. Artwork featuring non- native species, including Polynesian introductions, WILL NOT be accepted. Cultural or human components in the piece are acceptable as long as they complement the major theme of native species. Mālama Wao Akua was created to raise awareness of the viewer of artwork and the artists themselves. Go to the artists resources page for ideas of where to find inspiration and what is native to Maui Nui.
Remember NATIVE = arrived WITHOUT human help via the 3 W’s (wind, water, wings)

*If you have any questions about weather your subject is native to Maui Nui or if it is eligible, contact EMWP at pr@eastmauiwatershed.org or call (808)573-6999.

Entry Divisions

There are 4 entry divisions:

  • Adult
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
  • Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Entry Fees

Adult: $20 for each entry (max 3), $10 for Hui members (Contact The Hui at 572-6560 to inquire about membership)
Keiki: $5 for each keiki entry (max 3)
Entries can be listed for sale or not for sale, although adult entries are encouraged to offer their work for sale. Entry fees are due by a check made to “Hui Noʻeau”, Visa, Master Card, or by cash on receiving day.

How to Submit

Bring the following to Hui Noʻeau Visual Art Center at 2841 Baldwin Ave. in Makawao on Wednesday, August 30th between 9:00am-6:00pm.

      1. Completed entry form
      2. Entry fee
      3. Ready to hang artwork
      4. Completed w-9
      5. Prepared digital high quality image to be e-mail to katiep@huinoeau.com if selected.

Artists may submit up to three (3) entries. Entries may be in any medium. Artwork must be ready for hanging or installation. No wet work, please. Framed pieces must have wire for hanging. A stretched canvas with a wrapped edge may be considered framed. Artists will be asked to install a piece if it presents special hanging requirements; for installation entries, artists must submit a detailed sketch including dimensions & special materials to be provided. Please make adequate preparation for installing more complex works; installations should be completely installed in the gallery in 6 hours or less. The Hui and its jurors reserve the right to reject works due to toxic or dangerous materials, excessive size, weight, or difficulty in presentation.

Entry form and labels for all work must be printed legibly and are available for download here. Works without properly completed labels WILL NOT be installed. Titles and prices will be listed as they appear on entry forms. No changes will be made by the artist after entry forms are received.

Please take a picture of your art piece before it is framed to be given to the gallery if you piece is selected. Image file must be in a LARGE file format (10 megapixel or greater, 300dpi at 8″x10″ with a resolution of 1536 x 1024 pixels minimum)

Selection & Notification

Conservationists will be on site during receiving to help determine if pieces are eligible as native to Maui Nui BEFORE your piece is submitted. Jurying will occur the following day after receiving. The jurors decide the number of works selected for exhibition (may range from 30-90 pieces). Notification will be posted online no later than Friday, September 1st at 4pm, selected entries will also be posted on the website malamawaoakua.org. Non-selected pieces will need to be picked up at Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center on Saturday, September 2nd between 9am-4pm. Selected pieces that do not sell can be picked up Wednesday, November 8th between 9am-4pm.

We encourage artists to learn about Mālama Wao Akua (Realm of the Gods) – honoring and protecting the forested upper regions of our islands’ watersheds. Selected artwork should be successful in sharing this knowledge with others in a meaningful and provocative way. Artwork will also be selected based upon a number of criteria, including originality of concept, creativity, technique, professionalism, and presentation.


A jurying team with expertise in both art and conservation will select from among the entries. Visit the Blog page to see more information about the jurors once they are chosen.


One Juror’s Choice and Honorable Mention will be selected by each juror. (There are two jurors)
One artist from each school division will be selected for special recognition.
SPECIAL AWARDS: (Selected from the entire exhibition):
Rarest Find: Awarded to the artist using the most unique species or habitat as their subject.
People’s Choice: Awarded by votes from gallery visitors.
Art of Conservation: Awarded to the artist that best captures the essence, theme or message of conservation.

Commissions & Sales

Adult and Keiki entries are not required to be for sale. If your piece is sold,  45% will go to the artist and 55% to Hui Noʻeau (with a 10% donation to support EMWP). Artist may also donate a 1/4, 1/2 or all of their 45% of their profits as a tax-deductible gift to the East Maui Watershed Partnership. Checks will be mailed 4-6 weeks after the close of the exhibition. To expedite the processing of artists’ commission checks, the Hui requests that your provide  a completed W-9 form at the time of entry if one is not already on file for you. You may contact the Exhibitions Manager Katie Peterson prior to receiving day if you are unsure if you have one on file or have questions at (808) 572-6560 ext. 33 or katiep@huinoeau.com.

Opening and Exhibition

September 15th-November 7th

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9th
4:00pm: Jurors walk-through
5:00pm: Blessing and award ceremony
6:00-8:00pm: Opening celebration

Talk Story Thursdays (at Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center)
Every other Thursday throughout the exhibit we invite you to learn more about our islands by listening to some of our most prestigious environmental experts.  Connect with the nature of Maui and learn about what is being done to protect these special places and species. Visit the BLOG page for update information on speakers.

Sept. 21st: Dr. Fern Duvall II, Maui Nui Program Manager, DLNR/DOFAW Native Ecosystems Protection and Management
Oct. 5th: Dan Eisenberg, EMWP Program Manager, PCSU
Oct. 19th: Pat Bily, Science Specialist II for The Nature Conservancy – Maui Office
Nov. 2nd: Dr. Art Medeiros, Auwahi Forest Restoration Project, PCSU


Native or Not (why does it matter)??
Hawaiʻi is unique for its native species. Many plants and animals traveled thousands of miles to get here and evolved specifically to adapt to our islandsʻ environment. 90% of our native plants are found here and no where else in the world!

How can I find out what is native to Maui Nui?
Go on a hike or join a volunteer trip into the native forest
Read a book about native species
Visit a website with information about native species
Friend eastmauiwatershed on Facebook and Twitter at @EMWPinfo
Contact us at pr@eastmauiwatershed.org or 573-6999 and ask (we are friendly)
Take a hike with EMWP  into the TNC Waikamoi Preserve for artists, call (808)573-6999 for information
For more ideas for places to go, books to read, and websites please visit our artist resources page


MWA is a great opportunity to build a lesson around learning about the formation of the islands and the arrival of species, while having students create native species artwork. We have separate entry forms for teachers available.
Tips for teachers

Here are some tips that might help! There are three keiki divisions separated into Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. Remember, there is a $5 entry fee for each entry in the keiki division. Not all artwork entered will be selected for the exhibition. This is a CONTEST.

  • Consider having a contest within your class or school first, then enter the winning pieces from your contest to compete with the entries from other schools and individuals.
  • Invite EMWP to come as a guest speaker. 
We will give a presentation about Hawaiian rainforest ecology ans students can build their own watershed. Time: 60-90 minutes (flexible).
  • Check to make sure your students’ entries qualify.
 Native birds, insects, plants or landscape of native species of Maui are OK. Coral reef species OK too. Polynesian introductions and other non-native species are NOT OK.

Have each student fill out an entry form and waiver and make sure each entry is display ready.  Attach a teacher cover sheet to your students entry forms.

Questions? Contact us!

East Maui Watershed Partnership

Community Outreach and Education Liaison Allison Borell at pr@eastmauiwatershed.org | (808)657-6999 | www.eastmauiwatershed.org

Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

Exhibitions Manager Katie Peterson at katiep@huinoeau.com| (808)572-6560 ext. 33 | www.huinoeau.com