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Hui Noʻeau Visual Art Center classes that get you in touch with Maui Native Species!

All classes listed are taken from the Hui Noʻeau Website. You can register for all classes online at huinoeau.com/classes or call at (808)572-6560.

Native Florals in Watercolor Workshop #1060

We’re combining art and conservation for this weekend watercolor workshop! Students in this class will create a watercolor painting that focuses on a plant species native to Maui nui. Carmen and East Maui Watershed Partnership will work together to select a subject that is intriguing to both paint and study! In addition to learning watercolor techniques and getting well on your way to a finished work of art, students will have the opportunity to learn about the selected species from an expert from East Maui Watershed Partnership who will make a special visit to class!

Teaching Artist: Carmen Gardner
Day & Duration : Saturday & Sunday, 2 days / May 16 & 17 / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location:Children’s Studio
Tuition: $125 ($157 nonmember)
Supply: $5

Digital Goes to the Darkroom: Photography at TNC’s Waikamoi Preserve #1080

This workshop combines state-of-the-art digital photographic technology with one of the original nineteenth century photographic printing processes. Students will begin this workshop with a hike into The Nature Conservancy’s Waikamoi Preserve with a guide from East Maui Watershed Partnership. Students will get to explore and practice compositional techniques while learning about some of the native species found in this location. On the second day, the class will work at the Hui, download digital files, and learn post-processing techniques to create a digital negative. Students will hand-coat beautiful printing papers in the Van Dyke brown sensitizer and print images! Note: Students should be in physical condition to hike on uneven terrain at higher elevations. Photographs may be entered for sale in the Malama Wao Akua art exhibition, but cannot be sold in any other way. For further conditions, please visit huinoeau.com.

Teaching Artist: Gwen Arkin
Day & Duration:Thursday & Friday, 2 days
July 2 & 3 / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Waikamoi & Photo Studio
Tuition: $115 ($144 nonmember)
Supply Fee: $15

In the Field: Using Your DSLR Camera on Location Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands — Level 2

Get ready to capture stunning scenes with your camera—while exploring and learning about a beautiful part of Maui! If you have basic knowledge of your DSLR camera’s navigation, you’ll enjoy this hands-on photo experience with Hui Teaching Artist Aubrey Hord. The first day is spent in the classroom at the Hui to review important technical skills. On the second day, students will receive access to Waihe’e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands to photograph and explore the site’s cultural and ecological significance. On day 2, the class will meet at 7:40 am in Kahului and caravan to arrive on site at 8:00 am. Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the field. Prerequisite: Digital Photography Level 1 classes or equivalent experience; students should be in physical condition to hike on uneven terrain. For further conditions, please visit huinoeau.com

Teaching Artist: Aubrey Hord
Day & Duration:Wednesday & Thursday, 2 days
July 22 & 23 / 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (Wed.) & 8:00 am – 12:00 am (Thurs.)
Location: Photo Studio
Tuition: $80 ($100 nonmember)

Photo Walk: Nu`u Landing — Level 2+ #1091

Join a fantastic group of your fellow photographers for a one-day photo walk experience in a beautiful Maui location! Guided by professional photographer Aubrey Hord, students will explore Nu’u Landing—a remote location on the backside of Maui. Students will be able photograph some of the healthiest coastal wetlands in the state, which provide habitat for several endangered bird species. Photo walks are designed for students who enjoy exploring new locations with a group and are very comfortable with manual settings and general use of their cameras. Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the field. Note: The class will meet at 7:15 am at Keokea Park and caravan to arrive on site at 8:00 am. Prerequisite: In the Field: Using Your DSLR Camera on Location or equivalent experience.

Teaching Artist: Aubrey Hord
Day & Duration:Thursday, 1 day
August 6 / 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Photo Studio
Tuition: $50 ($63 nonmember)

Keiki Classes:

Drawing from the ‘Āina: Botanical Studies of Maui Nui’s Native Species (Age 8+) #1139

In collaboration with East Maui Watershed Partnership, this workshop will combine art with conservation science! Students will learn to identify and sketch a number of Maui Nui’s native species with special help from a representative of EMWP! Teaching artist Katie Peterson will help students create works of art—from traditional botanical studies to expressive paintings—inspired by these plants, cultivating important design principles and techniques along the way. Students are encouraged to submit their favorite pieces to the Mālama Wao Akua Art Exhibition’s Youth Division. This class will combine research, observation, drawing, and painting skills as well as provide a chance for students to see their work displayed in a professional art gallery!

Teaching Artist: Katie Peterson
Day & Duration: Saturdays, 2 weeks / May 16 & 23 / 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Children’s Studio
Tuition: $55 ($69 nonmember)
Supply Fee: $15

Mālama Wao Akua 2015 at Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center

We are excited to announce that our annual native species juried art exhibit Mālama Wao Akua will be moving from Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao to Hui Noʻeau Visual Art Center.  After 10 years of growth we are excited about this new partnership to be able to offer more educational opportunities to local Maui artists, young and old, about Maui’s watersheds.  More information to come, but please mark your calendars for these important dates.

Exhibition Dates:

September 5th-October 16th, 2015

Opening Night:

Friday, September 4th


Monday, August 24th


As we grow into our new partnership we want to say mahalo nui loa to Viewpoints Gallery for hosting the last 10 years of the exhibit.

People’s Choice Award Winner

After counting out 167 votes the winner of this years People’s Choice Award is Lisa E. Kasprycki. The artwork will be on display at Viewpoints Gallery until Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.



People’s Choice Award Winner

Lisa E. Kasprzycki

Hau Kuahiwi: Hibiscadelphus stellatus, a New Species from West Maui



2nd and 3rd Runner-up

Jupiter Nielsen

Phyllostegia ambigua

Drew Sulock



Talk Story Thursdays at Viewpoints Gallery

Come and join us every Thursday at 4:30pm throughout Mālama Wao Akua to hear some of Maui’s most notable environmental experts:

DanEisenbergHeadShotOctober 25th:

Dan Eisenberg – EMWP Program Manager

Since 2008 Dan has been involved in on the ground natural resource management in East Maui.  He came to EMWP with a lifelong experience of extended trips to rugged environments including geologic field work, light weight backpacking, and competitive rock climbing.  Dan is always excited about adopting and applying new technologies and enjoys working with the EMWP’s Geographic Information System.  In his time off he enjoys landscaping with native plants and gardening.

ArtMOctober 2nd:

Dr. Art Medeiros- Research Biologist USGS

Dr. Arthur Medeiros began his career at Haleakala National Park working there for over a decade as botanist and researcher. Aubsequently, he founded both the Auwahi Forest Restoration Project and the Leeward Haleakala Watershed Restoration Partnership, sister organization to EMWP. Art has authored over 80 scientific articles and currently works as a Research Biologist with the Pacific Islands Ecosystem Research Center of the US Geological Survey.



October 9th:

Will Haines-Entomologist at UH-Manoa

Born and raised Upcountry, Dr. Haines has been fascinated by insects since childhood. He studies the ecology and evolution of Hawaiian insects, and will be talking primarily about endemic arthropods found in the forests of East Maui. Some of his current projects focus on the Kamehameha butterfly and the koa looper moth.


Hanna and AlauahioOctober 16th:

Hanna Mounce-Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project Coordinator

Hanna joined the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project 2006 coordinating and implementing research and management programs to prevent further avian extinctions on Maui. She facilitates research on behavior, population and breeding ecology, and recovery actions for Hawaiian honeycreepers, primarily the Kiwikiu (or Maui Parrotbill).

Originally from northern California and graduating from Humboldt State University in 2003 with a B.Sc. with Honors in Wildlife, Hanna has worked in public and private sectors of avian conservation across the United States and Costa Rica and is currently finishing her doctorate entitled “Recovery of the endangered Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill, Pseudonestor xanthophrys): population dynamics, conservation genetics and strategies for reintroduction” at the University of Kent

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