Selected Art Pieces for Mālama Wao Akua 2014

Listed below are the selected pieces in each division listed by first name for Mālama Wao Akua 2014 at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao. If you your name and art piece do not appear on this list, please pick up your art piece at Viewpoints Gallery Tuesday, September 16th between the hours 10:30am and 5pm. You may contact the gallery at 572-5979 with any questions. We had a 33% increase in entries from last year, totaling 207 total pieces entered. It was hard to narrow that down to a increased exhibit of 104 pieces on display. Mahalo nui loa for everyoneʻs effort and help spreading awareness of our native species through art!

Selected pieces will be on display from September 17th- October 22nd. Pick up of selected work is Oct. 22nd at Viewpoints Gallery 10:30am-5pm.

Please joins us this Friday, September 19th  for the opening night events including blessing & hula, award ceremony, statement by Maui County Environmental Coordinator, live music and pupus.

  • Jurors Walk Through at 4pm
  • Blessing and Awards at 5pm

Please arrive early as it is a Makawao 3rd Friday Town Party


1 Alyson Danford He Kumu Lehua Muimuia I Ka Manu (Alehua Tree Covered with Birds)
2 Annamarie Sheehan “Spreckleberry” Lichens
3 Betty Hay Freeland Ohiʻa Lehua East Maui Watershed
4 Bob Terrebonne Maʻo Hau Hele
5 Bob Terrebonne ʻIliahi
6 Byron Baker The Wiliwili Survive
7 Carmen Gardner Maikaʻi
8 Caroline Killhour Endangered ʻĀkohekohe
9 Chelsea Bryce In Hosmer’s Shadow
10 Cherie Attix Where The Spirits Dwell
11 Chris Johns ʻĀhinahina Blooms
12 D. Clark Symbiosis II
13 D. Clark Symbiosis I
14 David Rasmusson Kaha Nalu
15 David Schoonover Lobelia Grayana & Iʻiwi
16 Denby Cole Nā Kaha (stripes)
17 Denby Cole Leaf Litter
18 Dianna Grundhauser Kekiaīo Piīholo (The Guardian of Piīholo)
19 Donnette-Gene Wilson Halapepe
20 Donnette-Gene Wilson Nāʻū
21 Donnette-Gene Wilson Koʻoloaʻula
22 Drew Sulock BOB
23 Ed Enomoto Kupu Ana Ka Palapalai
24 Eleykaa Tully Nectar of Dawn
25 Eleykaa Tully Sweet Elegance
26 George Allan A memorial to Stenogyne haliakalae
27 Gwen Arkin Requiem For A Forest
28 Gwen Arkin Where the Ghosts Wander Among the Trees
29 Gwen Arkin The Roar That Lies On The Other Side of Silence
30 Heather Burton Paliku Nene
31 Jennifer Valenzuela Heʻe ʻAumakua
32 Jim Lynch Reaching for the Canopy
33 Joelle C. Nature’s Way
34 John Guarin Delicate Existence
35 Jupiter Nielsen Haʻiwale (Cyrtandra grayana)
36 Jupiter Nielsen Phyllostegia ambigua
37 Katie Peterson Pandanus tectorius: A Study in Four Parts
38 Kim Mosley Ulua Ulua
39 Kirk Kurokawa ʻIʻiwi
40 Kirk Kurokawa Maui Alauahio
41 Lauren Hogan Silversword 2
42 Lauren Hogan Silversword 1
43 Leon Matsui Frisky
44 Lisa E. Kasprzycki Hau Kuahiwi: Hibiscadelphus stellatus A New Species from West Maui
45 Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond Māmaki Kapa ʻElua
46 Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond ʻUpena
47 Mary Ann Leigh Sweet Dreams Little Opeʻapeʻa
48 Melissa Chimera Puakala
49 Mike Neal Silversword
50 Mike Neal Untitled
51 Mike Neal Isolation – Loulu Palms
52 Monica Morakis North Shore Cliffs, Molokai
53 Pam Peterson Haleakala Silversword Blossoms I
54 Renee Matsui Morning Call
55 Robena ʻOhai
56 Roberta Ann Weisenburg Damselfly in the Fern Forest
57 Roberta Hodara Heʻe o Ka po
58 Roger B Stephens Lepelepe-O-Hina
59 Roger B Stephens Portrait of a Monk
60 Shana English Ākohekohe
61 Susan Lewis Allison’s Bird Loop Hike
62 Tracy Dudley Opihi & Puka II
63 Tracy Dudley Opihi & Puka I
64 Virginia Pierce Forested Watershed
65 Virginia Pierce In the Stillness
66 Zach Pezzillo Native Hawaiian Plants Diptych
67 Zach Pezzillo Native Hawaiian Plants Triptych

High School

1 Hailey Papritz Peaceful Beginning
2 Kirsten Paulson Nearly Gone
3 Eui Yol Lee Iʻhi
4 Eui Yol Lee Iliahi
5 Jade Vierra Coexistence
6 Juliana Hedge Iʻiwi on Branch
7 Karina Bhattacharya Hulu Manu
8 Lacie Ancog May the Sprouts Bring Hope
9 Levi Holley So the Battle Begins
10 Oriana Buika Koʻoloaʻula from a Bee’s Eye View
11 Troy Kojenlang Bless The Duck
12 Andrew Austin Scarce Beauty
13 Leesa Aperto Essence of the Naʻu
14 Jasmine Patel Betrayal

Middle School

1 Santina Bonilla ʻIʻiwi Bird
2 Camielle Erdman Nani ʻAmakihi
3 Jun Cai ʻApapane
4 Lauren York Take Flight, Be Free
5 Madeline Williams Aeʻo
6 Maura VanderArk Home of the Anianiau
7 Mikhaila Sung Underwater Fire
8 Carter Padgett Sticky Killer
9 Jasmine Sage Swimming Colors
10 Ilikea Deponte Monk Seal

Elementary School

1 Emi Qunell Aloha Iiwi
Mākena Guzman Royal ʻIʻiwi
3 Willow Roan Pueo
4 Bradin Nitahana Kiwikiu, The Maui Bird
5 Brandon Sado ʻĀkohekohe
6 Keoni Painter The One and Only
7 Phoenix Mewedeff Native Nene
8 Adam Fukunaga Time To Eat
9 Kaden Ortiz Blue Sky Bird
10 Kimberly So Iʻiwi Nestle in an Ohia Lehua Branch
11 Samara Ricarde Baby Pueo and Moon
12 Joseph Romanchak Iʻiwi and yellow Ōhiʻa
13 Liam Romanchak Orange Ohia and a friend




Mālama Wao Akua 2014


Artist2Artist-a presentation about entering Mālama Wao Akua

NEW event connecting artists to artists about submitting an art piece into Mālama Wao Akua

Have you always wanted to enter East Maui Watershed Partnership and Viewpoints Gallery’s native species art exhibit Mālama Wao Akua (MWA), but had a hard time understanding the eligibility requirements and how to find out what is native to Maui Nui??

We heard you so we got 2 artists that are also volunteer conservationists to help explain it in a way you can understand. Join renowned artists Jupiter Nielsen and Mike Neal as they discuss their journey entering MWA and share their own personal research and images of native species including native plants and native honeycreepers found on Maui. We will have MWA entry forms, examples of places and books for your your OWN research, and staff members to ask questions about entering the exhibit.

Artists2Artist Presentation
A presentation for artists by artists on entering MWA
Tuesday, August 5th
Pukalani Pool Room- located to the right of the Puakalani pool facility. Map located below.

90 Pukalani St., Makawao


Learn about Maui native species

Q: How can I get out and see native species on Maui??

A: Go on a guided tour or service trip with any of the organizations listed below!


Artiists on the Bordwalk

Artists taking pictures on the EMWP artists hike

East Maui Watershed Partnership- hikes for ARTISTS into the TNC Waikamoi Preserve

July 26th Boardwalk hike 8am-2pm

August 9th Birdloop hike 8am-12pm

Contact: EMWP Office (808)573-6999


The Nature Conservancy of Maui-Monthly hikes and volunteer trips

Guided monthly hikes in the Waikamoi Preserve the second Saturday of each month

Contact: Renee Miller at

Volunteer monthly trips the third Saturday of each month 8am-4pm

Contact: Keri Fay (808)856-7663


D.T. Fleming Arboretum at Pu’u Mahoe

Tour and BYO picnic lunch the last Saturday of each month, meet upcountry at 10am

Contact: Martha Vockrodt-Moran (808)572-1097


Haleakalā National Park- Ranger Guided Activities

Weekly Cloud Forest Hikes into the TNC Waikamoi Preserve every Thursday 8:45am-12:30pm

Contact: (808)572-4400


Friends of Haleakalā National Park-Overnight Service Trips into Haleakalā Crater

July 4-6th, Aug. 16-18th, Aug. 30-Sept. 1st, Sept. 13-15

Contact: Register on website at and e-mail associated group leader


Leeward Haleakalā Watershed Restoration Project- Auwahi Volunteer Trips

July 19th, please e-mail for additional future dates

Contact: Mia (808)283-1635


Waiheʻe Costal Dunes and Wetland Refuge

Weekly environmental volunteer days every Friday from 8am-12pm

Contact: Malia Avila (808)244-5263


Puʻu Kukui Watershed Preserve Raingauge Hike

4.5 mile boardwalk hike through native Hawaiian mesic forest the last workday of each month starts at 7am

Contact Donna at



Jurors for MWA ’14

We are excited to announce the jurors for this year’s show. We use a blend of art and science.


Abbey studio shotArt based juror:

Abigail Romanchak received a BFA and MFA in printmaking from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. She has held teaching positions at Punahou School, The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, The Maui Arts and Cultural Center, The Contemporary Museum and The Honolulu Museum of Art. In 2007 Abigail moved home to Maui to assist master printmaker, Paul Mullowney at Hui Press. Currently Abigail is producing new bodies of work for upcoming group and solo exhibitions and also teaching art at The Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

Abigail has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Hawai’i, nationally and internationally.  Her work belongs to many public and private collections including, The Australia National Museum, The White House, The Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Hanapi Foundation, Jon Hara Associates, Inc. Architects, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, The Four Seasons and The Ritz Carlton. Most recently, Abigail received the Ellen Craig Choy Award, as most outstanding artist, in the 2010 Biennial IX at The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu.

Abigail sees her prints as a way to empower and assert a Hawaiian sense of identity and to perpetuate Hawaiian culture through art.  She believes that native cultures are jeopardized once they stop speaking to people in the present day.


Jordan2Science based juror:

Jordan Jokiel is the Program Manager of the Leeward Haleakala Watershed Restoration Partnership. Since graduating from the University of Hawaii in 1993, Jordan has worked with a number of conservation agencies throughout Hawaii, including the University of Hawaii, the Division of Forestry and Wildlife, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and The  Nature Conservancy.  From 2001—2009 Jordan was with the East Maui Watershed Partnership where he managed the field crew and then became Program Manager.  It is an honor to be jurying this show with my wife and  friends and colleagues at EMWP.

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